Ministry Moments supported by the Annual Diocesan Appeal.

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Here are more ways the Annual Diocesan Appeal has helped in the last year.

Youth Ministry

The Youth & Young Adult Ministries Office believes in the young Church of our local communities and works to advance ministry to youth and young adults through advocacy and leadership development. The office also organizes direct service to the young Church by organizing diocesan retreat programs for middle school youth, high school teens, and young adults in their 20’s and 30’s. They promote Catholic Scouting programs throughout the diocese and sponsor the annual awards banquet “Saints in the City” to honor young disciples in our parishes and schools.

Hispanic Apostolate

The Office of the Hispanic Apostolate works with Pastors and other parish leaders to identify and minister to the needs of the Hispanic members of their community. Parishes are invited to collaborate on Religious Education, Sacramental Preparation, Liturgical needs, Lay Leadership Development and retreats for the Hispanic Community.

Catholic School Tuition Assistance

The Diocese of San Jose believes Catholic education should be available for all families. The tuition assistance program is intended to help those families who would like their children to attend Catholic school but are unable to afford full tuition.

Seminarian Education

The ADA funds the education and development of our eleven seminarians who are attending Our Lady of the Lake Mundelein Seminary in Chicago, Illinois. Your support allows these men to focus on formation, education, and spiritual growth on their path to ordination.